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How The Leo Eclipse Will Manifest In Your Life

Oh, how exciting the sign of Leo can be. The King of the Zodiac rules everything from our lustful carnal desires to our sense of self and inner autonomy. However, this Full Moon in Leo is no ordinary garden variety event it is a Lunar Eclipse! Its effects will last until the next eclipse cycle begins in July.

Eclipses are interesting and recently there has been enormous information published on the internet about them and their effects; however there is much controversy over their meaning and relevancy. Many astrologers use the information provided by eclipses to map the twists and turns of the political landscape, and others write about their occurrences in connection with the natal chart with intensity, awe, and great wonder. Interestingly, much is said about them, but complete understanding of eclipse effects is as fleeting as the moons phases. However, one thing I am certain of is that eclipses cannot “make” things happen, they serve as triggers for “other” energies at play, which have been building up over long periods of time. Eclipses reveal “what possibly” could occur, but do not guarantee events. I believe this general “understanding” should be used with both mundane and natal charts.

Now, I am not an expert on eclipses, I leave that to those much more acclimated to this extensive and laborious study. However, I do believe that a general understanding of how to interpret them in a natal chart is necessary. For the purposes of this blog, I will be focusing on natal charts.

(There is an enormous wealth of information available on the Internet to explore mundane or political eclipses charts, and I would start by checking out Starcats’ Astroblog. Further, there are many basic astrological references that are readily available on the internet, which will assist you in discovering and/or understanding the personal components of your horoscope. You could actively use Google or any other search engine to study the basics of astrology.)

A lunar eclipse is a full moon lunation. When we are working with them we need to think in terms of pairs of signs or a polarity. Anytime we are dealing with an “opposition” aspect the issues of relationships come to the center stage as they are the primary concern of lunar eclipses which tend to manifest in terms of physical events and emotional encounters with others. This can happen in a direct or indirect fashion, as we tend to notice what we lack in our lives when we are influenced by them. Often, the issues that are stirred up can bring two people together or can end a relationship or circumstance we had great emotional investment in. The area of life an eclipse affects is not coincidental, yet a part of the chart that has been building inside us for some time. The eclipse makes us feel very compulsive and urges us to make changes by releasing the old and accepting the new.

The polarity we are concerned with under this current eclipse is the Leo/Aquarius axis. The crisis in the polarity, evoked by the eclipse brings to the surface issues surrounding the opposing forces that are innate within the polarity. Therefore, Leo/Aquarius is the balancing of all things personal (Leo) and all things collective (Aquarius). The energy of Leo pertains to the areas of life, which are personal and revolves around personal wants, needs and desires. Conversely, the energy of Aquarius has everything to do with the areas of life which concern the group and revolves around group motivations, needs, and yearnings.

One some level we are all affected by eclipses. For many it may be noticeable, and for others it may be experienced in the lives of those that “affect” us in a direct manner. For example, this eclipse lands within 2 degrees of Pop Star Madonna’s natal Sun, yet the news of the day does not involve her, but her current significant other Alex Rodriguez.

To get a glimpse of how this eclipse is going to affect your life, you can also review the last time this eclipse made a path through your chart. This eclipse pattern is the same eclipse pattern that occurred in February 1990. Think about the events that occurred in your life at that time, and what events and lessons these experiences taught you. If you found yourself looking at career issues in 1990, you may find yourself looking at career issues again in 2009. Regardless, the patterns repeat themselves about every 18-19 years, and refocus our attentions on those areas of life that they occur. The eclipse will trigger issues in the natal horoscope where Leo/Aquarius axis lie and often will affect the house(s) the eclipse is in as well as any planet within a 2 degree orb of the Eclipse. We experience them as a sudden surge of intellectual or intuitive understanding that gives our life more meaning, and often pushes us into action in the areas of our chart where they fall. Since this eclipse is in the sign of Leo, issues surrounding flaws and difficulties in romantic relationships, our children, and creative activities rise to the surface in order for us to review and force us to make changes in the areas they directly affect.

If the eclipse transits over a natal planet you may feel an urge or intensity in the areas of life governed by the planet. If the eclipses conjoins with your natal Venus you may find that the areas of your personal relationships, what you desire out of a relationship and your finances can be strong influenced. On the other hand, if the eclipse squares your natal Sun, you could find issues surrounding your identity, your urge to be yourself and a need to create something new in your life rise to the surface.

It is necessary to also keep in mind the house in your chart where the eclipse falls. Eclipses tend to stir up the areas of your life governed by the houses where they fall. If the eclipse falls in your 1st house, you may find issues surrounding the need to redefine your personal needs, the image you project to the outer world, and placing your personal needs foremost in your life while being attentive to the needs of others. If the eclipse lands in your 7th then you may need to place the needs of your relationships before other areas of your life, while staying true to yourself and your own principles. Finally, if the eclipse lands in the 10th house issues surrounding your career and vocational ambitions may come to the surface. You may find yourself attracted to new lines of work, making career changes, or possibly being promoted or achieving a new pinnacle in your personal life.

The power of eclipses is a great mystery. They appear in our lives out of the blue, which often shake up our foundation and force us to focus our attention on areas of life where the eclipse lands in our charts. However, eclipses help us understand our own rhythms and life patterns, and the deeper flow of life’s ever-changing cycles occurring on both the physical and emotional level. This gives us a glimpse into a life that is neither unexpected nor random, but a natural evolution of the Self.

Storm R. Cestavani  10:12 PM EST

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