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4 Aces & The All Hallows Tarot

all-hallows22Mary Greer recently put up a new spread on her website called, “The 4 Aces Spread”.   I found the spread to be pretty illuminating!  The spread brings forth the issues that internally we need to work with.  So, if you are interested in using tarot as a form of self empowerment and/or self transformation then this is a spread that I can definitely recommend.

I am using the just released “All Hallows Tarot” (link to all the images) by Robyn Hollister to illustrate the spread.   You can visit http://www.tarotconnection.net to get a copy of this wonderfully festive deck just in time for Halloween!

Instructions:   Cruise over to Mary Greer’s Website and learn about this spread and how to operate it.  Mary gives her own example, but you can quickly return to my site to see another example of this spread in action!

My Chosen Cards:


Ace of Swords as the 1st Ace reflects that problem solving is where my primary focus is right now.   This is very relevant as I am attempting to juggle many different projects at the moment and am trying to find time to fit everything into my already heavy schedule.

allhallowsrow2Ace of Cups as the 2nd Ace reflects that I may be ignoring my social and relationship needs.  Again, I find this to be very true, as the more I focus on my work related projects I am noticing that my need to be around others and socialize is diminishing.

allhallowsrow3Ace of Wands as the 3rd Ace shows the importance of my work and career projects and my personal needs for achievement and moving my career to the next level.

allhallowsrow4Ace of Disks as the 4th Ace shows that money and security issues will become important and relevant in the future.

Special Cards: Mary says to place special emphasis on the highest ranking Major Arcana cards.  In this case, I only had one — The Hanged Man.  Out of 12 cards this seems a rather significant theme for me, and is my inner teacher card.

My Reading:

The Ace of Swords being the first Ace to appear in the spread reveals the current mental struggles I am going through.  I am putting together a new website that will take an enormous amount of time and energy.  The Hanged Man straight on reveals the sacrifices I will need to make in order to pursue this goal.  What will I have to give up?

The Ace of Cups is the area that is complicated in the reading.   Cups, of course refer to love and relationships.   One of the areas that may need to be sacrificed is my social interactions with others.   This could involve both my non-career oriented friends as well as people I am involved with professionally.  Since I am a Leo being involved with people and having exchanges with them is important to me.

The Ace of Wands is the “Guide”.   The cards in this row reveal things quite clearly.  The Queen of Wands and 8 of Wands reflect the need to move forward and be true to myself.   These two cards along with the 7 of cups reveal that the choices that I make need to be based on my needs and my personal career direction, and not necessarily the needs of the people around me.   However, I could balance out my social needs by discussions and interaction with those around me that I wish to participate in my new website.

Thankfully, finances and security are not an issue revealed by the Ace of Disks appearing last.   Although future decisions will need to be made that I cannot see at the moment (2 of swords) it does show that with any enterprise concerns and issues will come up, but I must always make choices based on my own happiness rather than what may please others.

Make sure you check out Mary’s Blog and try out this spread on your own!

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