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Your Daily Dose — Mercury trine Neptune — November 11, 2014

Mercury in Scorpio trine Neptune in PiscesMercury in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces

After the intensive energies of yesterday’s Mars conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, it’s good we have a rather gentle aspect with Mercury trine Neptune.  As a side note, I find it rather apropos that my latest episode of Keep it Magic (with Jacki Smith) involves manifesting your dreams.   Mercury trine Neptune makes it rather easy to enter into the world of the creative imagination to help envision a deeper connection to spirit.  Further, you will find yourself highly sensitive to the needs of others and will want to help those in need.  Today is a great day for spiritual studies and meditation because your mind will not be fettered to the real world and therefore you will be more open to connect on the spiritual level. However, it is not a good day for discipline and you may find it difficult to focus on worldly matters.  Escape is the word for the day – and sometimes everyone needs it!

Have a spirit filled day!

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