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storm-cestavani-relationship-psychic-astrologerPsychic Readings:

You can have your own psychic reading with Celebrity Astrologer and Psychic Storm Cestavani.  We wrote the following material to assist you with understanding exactly what a reading with Storm is and what you will get from it.   There are many myths about psychic readings.  This logical information, when understood by a rational mind, helps to explain how a reading can be beneficial to you!  A reading provides you with accurate, clear and precise information that applies to your life.   We hope that you enjoy and find this information educational.  If you have further questions feel free to email Storm with your questions.

A Reading With Storm Cestavani:

Storm is an authentic psychic/astrologer who developed his skills over 25+ years.   His determination to nurture his natural born skills equals only his desire to help the hundreds of clients per month who consult with him.  Storm’s readings are like communicating with a well loved and respected friend.   Storm makes you feel at ease as he explains the issues that concern you.  He is known for his realistic and earthy information delivered in a humorous, relaxing, non-judgmental manner.  He is a renowned healer, but not in the mystical sense of the word.   Storm evokes the issues in your life that bring about a more productive, well rounded, and self affirming future.  He provides you with the tools and information to get what you truly want out of your life.   Storm takes no credit or ownership of his gifts, yet maintains that he is only the gifts manager, and that all skills belong to the universe.

About Your Reading:

While Storm is doing a reading he uses a combination of clairvoyant skills and other tools such as astrology, tarot, and numerology that provides you with information that pertains to your life and answers the questions that concern you.  He believes that every moment is a snapshot of a particular energy that is at work within the universe.  This energy is at work in your present life and plants the seed to y our future.  

During a psychic reading you will receive —

1.  Information about your current situation
2.  Insight into the future and the choice you have available to you
3.  Accurate Timing
4.  Insight into the people around you


Storm can cover many aspects of your life including:  Love, Romance, Money, Career, Family, Present Relationships, Future Relationships, and Personal Growth.  Also Storm can provides information into the areas of the lives of those around you including your friends, family, and loved ones.  It is suggested that you write down all the questions that you would like answered before a reading.

Storm does not need you present to do a consultation!  Storm’s readings are done over the telephone or through email which accommodates the very busy lives of his clients from all walks of life.   Most people do not know that the human voice has a unique resonant tone which transmits a unique energy pattern.  A skilled psychic can tunes into that pattern.   This replaces your physical presence and you will receive accurate advise no matter where you are.


Storm is devoted to providing his clients with information to enrich and understand their current life cycles.  Therefore, this website, it’s contents, and the information that Storm provides his clients is NOT for entertainment purposes only.


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